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Eco Friendly Material-Corn Fiber

What is Corn Fiber


  • 環保:玉米纖維是由可再生的玉米資源製成的,不含有害物質,可以自然分解,不會造成環境污染。
  • 舒適:玉米纖維具有絲般的光澤和柔軟度,觸感細滑,貼身舒適,適合敏感肌膚。
  • 健康:玉米纖維含有多種氨基酸和天然抗菌因子,可以抑制細菌的生長,保持皮膚的清潔和健康。
  • 耐用:玉米纖維具有良好的強度和彈性,不易變形和起球,耐久性高。


  • 成本高:玉米纖維的生產過程較為複雜,需要大量的玉米澱粉和化學劑,因此成本較高,價格也較高。
  • 染色困難:玉米纖維的吸水性較差,不易染色,顏色較淡,色牢度也較低。
  • 易皺:玉米纖維的回復性較差,容易產生皺摺,需要常常熨燙。


Corn fiber is a biodegradable fiber made from corn starch, which has good moisture absorption, breathability, and antibacterial properties. It is suitable for making clothing, home textiles, medical supplies, and other products. The advantages of corn fiber are as follows:

· Environmental friendly: Corn fiber is made from renewable corn resources, does not contain harmful substances, can decompose naturally, and does not cause environmental pollution.

· Comfortable: Corn fiber has a silky luster and softness, smooth touch, comfortable fit, and suitable for sensitive skin.

· Healthy: Corn fiber contains various amino acids and natural antibacterial factors, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and keep the skin clean and healthy.

· Durable: Corn fiber has good strength and elasticity, is not easy to deform and pilling, and has high durability.

The disadvantages of corn fiber are as follows:

· High cost: The production process of corn fiber is more complicated, requiring a large amount of corn starch and chemical agents, so the cost is higher and the price is higher.

· Difficult to dye: Corn fiber has poor water absorption, is not easy to dye, has light color, and low color fastness.

· Easy to wrinkle: Corn fiber has poor resilience, prone to wrinkles, and needs frequent ironing.

Corn fiber is an emerging biodegradable fiber with many advantages, but also some problems. With the advancement of technology and market demand, corn fiber will continue to improve and develop, becoming a more perfect and popular fiber material. 

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