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Biodegradable Material

Biodegradable material is a type of material that can be broken down by natural processes, such as the action of microorganisms, into simpler and harmless substances. Biodegradable materials are usually made from organic sources, such as plants or animals, and do not persist in the environment for a long time. 

Biodegradable materials are considered to be more eco-friendly than non-biodegradable materials, which are materials that cannot be decomposed by natural processes and remain in the environment for a long time. Non-biodegradable materials include metals, glass, some types of plastics, and synthetic chemicals.

可生物降解材料是一類可以通過自然過程(例如微生物的作用)分解成更簡單且無害的物質的材料。 可生物降解材料通常由植物或動物等有機來源製成,並且不會在環境中長期存在。

可生物降解材料被認為比不可生物降解材料更環保,不可生物降解材料是不能通過自然過程分解並長期保留在環境中的材料。 不可生物降解的材料包括金屬、玻璃、某些類型的塑料和合成化學品。

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